Friday, October 28, 2011

Family Pictures

We just had our family pictures taken last weekend, by an amazingly creative woman, they turned out great so here are a few of my favorites!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

First Day of School 2011

I have to say I'm horrible about making a big deal about the first day of school. Once you're past kindergarten it seems to lose the excitement, but anyways I still make sure to get a picture for our family history.

This year Ashleigh is in 5th grade, and loves it. She is looking forward to going to Sherman Lake Camp in a few weeks. It's apparently a big deal that all the 5th graders get excited about. I think it's because they get to be away from regular school for 3 days and just play and have fun!

Carter started 3rd grade, as always he is not a big fan of school, but he has a great teacher who loves science. She has definitely sparked an interest in school for Carter with her experiments and fun projects. He will be doing a photosynthesis play in a month! (BTW don't you just love the shirt Carter chose to wear for his first day of school!)

It's time for Preschool

Hannah started preschool this year. She has been so excited to go to school like Ash and Carter, and can I just say I have been just as equally excited for her to go! I'm loving the peace and quiet, it's been great for studying.

Here she is on her first day, she thought is was so great that she could bring her favorite stuffed animal. She had planned to take her puppy Jessica, but she ended up spilling her juice on her. Lucky for Hannah Ashleigh has the same puppy, so Hannah was content to take Ashleigh's puppy.

Notice she has a different outfit on in this picture! That is because she got to have John and I go with her the day before she started and we got to explore the classroom. She was so proud of herself for being able to find everything on the treasure hunt map.

She has been loving every minute of school, and wishes she could go everyday to see her teacher Mrs. Huberty, who is so awesome, it takes a special person to have patience with 3 yr. olds!

Monday, August 29, 2011

White Caps Game

 Carter's day with Aunt Tricia was going to a White Caps game. He loved it but was a little disappointed that the White Caps lost. This pic makes it look like they went in early spring or fall, but it was actually August, just a very chilly night!
 The White Caps mascot is a pig, does anyone else think that's a little odd?
A view of the field and the losing White Caps team.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Just for you Sissy!!!!!!

Just for you Sissy I updated the blog. I have more to post but not enough time, so check back soon!

When it Quiet..........

When it's quiet in our house, everyone know s it's time to find Hannah and see what she's up to, which is usually no good. Lately though because she refuses to take naps and we have been doing a lot of swimming and other physical activities this is how we find her

She was sent up to her room after swimming to get changed, but the poor thing only had enough energy to open the wardrobe doors, and that apparently was too much!

This I just simply don't know other than I went to go a fold the laundry and this is what I found to fold, not the easiest of items to fold and put away!

Notice that she always has enough energy left to get her blankie!

Carter's Baptism

 Our favorite boy, turned 8 this year, and that means it't time to be baptized. Carter is normally very easy going and could care less about any details, but for his baptism he was very specific. He wanted his clothes to be exactly like Dad's, includng a tie. Thankfully the distribution store didn't have a back order, because the baptismal closet at church was not at all helpful. It seems that a lot of the child size clothing has gone missing.
 Love these 2 handsome men, can't wat to see John having to look up at his son! For soome reason I just get the biggest laugh at that thought.

 Carter with Aunt Tricia. Carter also chose his clothes for after being baptised, can we say it's just a little morbid choosing to wear black after being baptized.

The entire family that attended. Grandma and Grandpa Gibson, Aunt Tricia, Great Grandma Kreighbaum, and of course all of us!

The girls were just as excited as Carter. It took four times to get a picture that looked like Hannah was looking forward, and she still isn't even looking at the camera here, but at least she was sitting. It's very hard for her to be still lately.
My Sister Tricia insisted that we take a family picture. I hate taking pictures and now you can definitely see why, I'm enormous, I actually thought this shirt looked good, but I was way wrong! The good thing though this picture really got me motivated to start back at the gym again!